Anime Boy With Green Hair And Purple Eyes

Anime is all about the hair.

Anime boy with green hair and purple eyes. Today we ll take a minute to focus on those very special and cool characters who have heterochromia. Apparent gender eye color. Naofumi iwatani from the anime the rising of the shield hero truly is one of the new hot anime guys.

Year hair length. Year hair length. They personify quirky unusual or silent types.

With his spiky messy hair and his gorgeous green eyes every girl or a boy would turn after him. Heterochromia is a difference in the coloration of the eyes. But despite that men in anime with purple hair are still a rarity.

This trait is usually inborn but it may also be. We hope in the future purple haired characters can break through this boundary and jump into the main character role. It is always about the hair and anyone who tells you differently is lying through their teeth.

Exact hair color. Besides he also has a shield he can protect you with. Especially when you see his caring side that hides beneath his cold and hateful spirit.

Hair color also tells a lot about a character. Apparent gender eye color.

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