Collect Floating Rings At Misty Medows

Fortnite floating rings at misty meadows locations image credit.

Collect floating rings at misty medows. Some players have reportedly experienced issues in finding the floating rings at misty meadows. To complete the misty meadows floating rings challenge. The last floating ring in misty meadows is hands down the most difficult to collect.

Its roof is also too steep to stand on so. The area will be busy and dangerous because of this challenges so in this. Epic games misty meadows can be found down in the lower section of the map sitting just south of the large lake.

The problem is they re light blue so it can be pretty hard to spot them from the ground and they re not exactly big which makes them hard to spot from the air as well. It is labelled and it s down there in the south. As far as rings.

In order to complete it you ll have to go to the town in the south of the map and look for several glowing rings floating above buildings and other structures. The second floating ring is at the other part of the town that you should see after picking up the first ring. So read on for a map guide and locations for the four floating rings at misty meadows.

You already know where misty meadows is. Fret not as the challenge is quite simple. It s positioned up on the clocktower the highest point in town.

Collect floating rings at misty meadows is one of fortnite chapter 2 season 4 week 1 challenges.

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