Collect Floating Rings At Weeping Woods Map

Fortnite floating rings at weeping woods map locations image.

Collect floating rings at weeping woods map. Epic games as you can see from the map above the floating rings can be found atop five of the trees in weeping woods. Be forewarned that other players will likely land at weeping woods to try and complete this challenge so you ll want to pick up some weapons and ammo to defend yourself. It should thus be quite easy for players to collect all of the floating rings in weeping woods with the assistance of the map above and fans that do will receive 35 000 xp for their efforts.

Well technically they re old areas but now that the water has lowered they re back and most. Collect floating rings at weeping woods is one of the week 7 challenges in fortnite battle royale. Fortnite is back with some new challenges that are asking players to go to some new areas on the map.

However the floating rings at weeping woods are on top of trees so you ll need to have materials on hand in order to collect them. In order to find five floating rings at weeping woods you essentially need to scour the treetops. As they re on top of trees we think it s best to outline the locations of them zoomed in on the in game map.

They re not as easy to spot from the air as you d think so you might have trouble finding them. In order to complete it you ll have to interact with a number of tiny blue glowing rings in this location. Navigate toward the northwest and the ring will be above one of the medium sized trees.

The first floating ring is close to the shadow secret base that s near weeping woods. In the map image above we ve circled where all five floating rings can be found at weeping woods in fortnite.

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