It s not often that a single product spurs a whole genre of fix it hacks but people love their anastasia beverly hills dipbrow unfortunately the very stiffness that makes the potted pomade work.

How to fix dry dipbrow pomade with coconut oil. Eyebrow tutorial updated routine abh dipbrow pomade duration. The result is straw like hair which is probably the opposite of what you signed up for. My dipbrow is drying out and i don t know what to do.

All of us makeup pomade lovers will have to or already dealt with a dried out pomade and it s a pain in the butt. Using a few household items i show you how to fix dried out dipbrow and ho. How to fix dry abh dipbrow using coconut oil duration.

Esther lioba 181 634 views. I ve had it for only about a month and when i rush in the morning sometimes i leave the cap off so i m thinking that s what may have dried it out. It s even worse if you have low porosity hair and continue to use coconut oil over a long period of time.

My anastasia dipbrow pomade is almost rock hard and when i dip the brush in i barely pick up any product at all. How to fix dry abh dipbrow using coconut oil beautybae. I wanted to share this beauty hack on how to save dried out make up.

Diy how to tutorial on how fix and revive dry abh dip brow cream liner gel liner of any kind using coconut oil. I put it inside the microwave and drop 1 2 drops of baby oil i used jnj and heat it for 10 10 10 seconds. I ve never tried it with dip brow but it works really well for cream gel eyeliners.

If you don t have mineral oil right now you can try putting it in a pot of boiled water don t actively boil your dip brow just put it in an already boiled pot to soften it up. How to fix a dried out eyebrow pomade super easy hack duration. This hack saved my life and i would like to.

Add coconut oil a sealant on top of this and your hair won t get the hydration it needs. Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade this is what i did to revive the product.

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