Rdr2 Online Hair Pomade Location

To grow your beard and hair in red dead redemption 2 you re gonna need to let time pass.

Rdr2 online hair pomade location. Barber shops can be found in saint denis blackwater and valentine. 3 in blackwater in the southern half of town. I m on ps4 with a female character.

The pomade will be gone it should also wear off after 5 in game days 4 hours of playtime though this often feels untrue. Cant find hair pomade. Removing hair pomade in red dead online.

What works go to the barber and get the bald haircut then switch to any other haircut. For more red dead redemption 2 guides check out our full red dead redemption 2 wiki strategy guide. The gamer eyes recommended for you.

Hair beard growing in rdr2 is one of many mechanics in the game. Got your hair pomade bill lol. Find all collectibles across the world and sell to madam nazar.

Barber shops are a shop type featured in red dead redemption 2 and red dead online. He needs hair pomade which can be purchased at most general stores all over the world and even found as loot by checking enemy corpses. 1 in valentine inside the saloon.

That s all the barbers and their locations in rdr2. It seems like something only added for show but it does have a practical purpose. I haven t been able to find it in the mobile catelog store catalog store shelves i see it but cant buy it or get it done through a barber.

Players have reported going an in game week without pomade wearing off. Also where the hair pomade would be in the catalog is another cocain gum tonic. Game guides red dead redemption 2.

2 in saint denis in the northern half of the town. Bourbon and pomade location red dead redemption 2 duration. Hair and facial hair in red dead redemption 2 can only be cut depending on arthur s hair length.

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